YouTube Changes Its Approach To Children’s Advertisting

Recently, YouTube announced its decision to end targeted advertising on videos frequently watched by children.

How Does This Impact Users?

YouTube’s decision to end targeted advertising means big changes for the platform.

From a user perspective, this could be good news.

Since targeted ads require a certain amount of information gathering in order to serve ads to the most qualified audiences, barring the ability to capture information to market to children is a positive thing.

Rules and sanctions already exist about advertising to children aged 13 and under. This new policy will help reinforce that rule and prevent ads from being shown to children.

How Does This Affect YouTube?

While the overarching implications are not yet known, YouTube could see a hit to their ad revenue.

With advertisers no longer having the ability to target their ads in certain places. YouTube will lose out on ad revenue that could have been recouped.

Particularly from brands whose products are primarily marketed to children (i.e. such as toy stores).

Choosing The Best Option

Despite the hit to ad revenue, choosing to eliminate ad targeting to children could be the better option in the long run.

Online platforms such as YouTube have recently come under scrutiny with regards to the advertising policies and who they are allowed to target.

Heavy fines from government agencies such as the FTC could result in YouTube faces larger costs and revenue lost if they continued there ad targeting to children.

In this case, its better to amend their ad targeting now than face stiff penalties and fines later.

Redirecting The Ad Target

YouTube’s decision to end ad targeting to children demonstrates the new wave of online platforms working to make the online world a little better.

For kids especially, the ability to restrict ads shows a level of responsibility that the platform is willing to acknowledge and will hopefully provide them with a stable foundation moving forward.


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