Why Rebrand WhatsApp & Instagram?

This week, Facebook announced the decision to rebrand its popular online platforms, Instagram and WhatsApp.

The planned rebrand will have Instagram transform into “Instagram from Facebook” and WhatsApp into “Whats App from Facebook”.

If you didn’t know that Facebook owned these two tools, this rebrand will remind you.

The question is whether this rebrand is a smart decision.

Its A Facebook World!

One of the primary motivations for this rebrand could be due to changes going on behind the scenes at Facebook.

With plans for creating a unified, connected messaging system between Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

The company could be looking to reinforce their presence to remind customers that they will soon be able to use the whole suite of the company’s products to connect.

How Is Instagram & WhatsApp Changing?

For the moment, not very much.

As it stands the rebrand will only be visible when users search for the app on the App Store or Google Play.

The actually interface will not carry the rebrand. Although, this probably will not last for very long.

Rebranding At The Expense Of Users

The decision to add “from Facebook” to Instagram and WhatsApp benefits the company, it might be detrimental to its users.

At its start, Facebook was considered to be a cool online platform users could join to connect with one another and share information.

Deciding to overtly claim Instagram and WhatsApp as Facebook property speaks more to the corporate side of the business than the fun, social side users love and what initially got them to sign up.

Determining Consumer Reaction

While the corporate side is important and has helped Facebook move into new avenues over the years, having such a blatant message regarding ownership of products might not sit well with customers.

It’s possible that it won’t make a huge impact. Most consumers will probably continue to call the tools “Instagram” or “WhatsApp” regardless of the “from Facebook” now attached.

Furthermore, many users were already aware that Facebook owned these tools so adding their name is almost superfluous at this point.

Reborn Through Rebranding

The most interesting thing about this decision to rebrand, in my opinion, is what drove Facebook to this decision?

With bad press over the last while, could the company be looking to remind users that they are just as relevant as when they first started.

Do consumers need to be reminded of Facebook’s power and ability to connect people?

Whether this is true or not, adding an overt corporate plug to their most popular online tools might not be the best way to reach their users.


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