Control Your Content With Off-Facebook Activity

Facebook to introduce a new tool in response to growing concerns about users’ privacy rights.

What Is Off-Facebook?

Originally known as “clear history”, Off-Facebook allows users to view, manage, and delete their personal information sent to Facebook.

Essentially, the tool will limit what data Facebook can capture from other sources when a user is not on Facebook.

What Will Change?

Implementing Off-Facebook will see some changes to the user experience.

For instance, disabling the tracking that allows Facebook to track offline activity could result in fewer ads showing on your profile.

Cutting off the tracking essentially removes the ability for Facebook to serve you ads based on your offline search activity.

The feature also allows you to clear your browsing history on the site and prevent it from keeping track of your activity (i.e. likes, clicks, page visits, etc.).

What Will Stay The Same?

Despite the introduction of Off-Facebook, some things will not change on the platform.

For example, Facebook will still continue to track offline search activity but will not be able connect those activities to your profile.

Additionally, Facebook will also continue to monitor ad performance as their platform will still see that an ad has been clicked.

They just won’t be able to identify the user that clicked on the ad.

Response to Privacy Concerns

The rebranding of clear history to Off-Facebook is in response to increased concern around Facebook’s privacy policies.

As a result, their goal to create a safer and more trustworthy platform involves making a number of changes to their online experience.

Off-Facebook is one such change.

Therefore, by giving users the power to control how much personal information is stored by Facebook can go a long way towards rebuilding trust in the online platform.


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  1. Definitely a step in the right direction from Facebook. Taking some responsibility for the privacy policies that where a big issue. Good interesting article, Buylined, as usual!!

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