Why Brands Need Marketing Teasers

When releasing something new, its good to give the public teasers of what’s to come.  Case in point, has anyone seen Celine Dion with Deadpool?We usually come across teasers as part of a brand’s pre-launch campaign.  They are designed as small, often cryptic messages designed to give audiences a preview of what’s to come.

Brand powerhouse Marvel™ has been using this technique for years both before one of their superhero blockbusters premieres or as a post-credit scene at the end of a new movie.

Even if your brand doesn’t have Marvel’s™ standing, you can still use teasers to get people interested in your products/services.

Increased Brand Interest

Done right, teasers can get people interested and excited about your brand.  By giving the public a taste of what’s to come, your brand can increase its value and potential revenue when the product or service is released on the market.

Increased Exposure

Good creative ideas can help expose your brand to new audiences.  For example, Deadpool 2’s™ recent promotion involved dropping “Ashes”, a new song by Celine Dion.

Given Deadpool’s™ target audience and brand, having Celine Dion perform a song for the movie seemed like an odd choice.

Yet, judging by the response, audiences are loving it. Not only has interest in the upcoming Deadpool 2™ film increased, fans of Celine Dion are likely to check out the new song even if they aren’t fans of Deadpool.

Its a win-win scenario!

A Creative Goldmine

The world of marketing is very cutthroat.  Marketers are always looking to create the next big idea to capture people’s attention.

Teasers are one area of marketing where creative ideas are flowing.  By mixing different formats and technology (i.e. VR, AR, digital, etc.)  Audiences are exposed to brand previews and content that is unique and interesting.

Wait Until The Very End!

Creating a good brand can be difficult, maintaining one even harder.  Teasers provide an opportunity for a  brand to do a soft reveal of their product or service.  They can gauge from the audience the response to their product and make any adjustments if the results aren’t what they expected.

You never know when a teaser might pop up.  But, when they do they can be pretty exciting!


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