3 Reasons Why Game Of Thrones Was A Marketing Goldmine

It’s the end of an era! With Game of Thrones airing its series finale tonight, here’s a lookback at how this show was a marketing goldmine.

1. Good Publicity (However Unexpected!)

Probably the most recent non-spoiler related information pertaining to the show.

Starbucks recently benefited from Thrones’ success with $2.3 billion in free advertising thanks to what appeared to be one of their coffee cups accidentally appearing in one of the episodes.

While it turned out that the coffee cup did not belong to the Starbucks brand, word-of-mouth and viral posts created a windfall of free press.

2. Product Collaborations

After eight years on the air, consumers can buy a plethora of products with Game of Thrones branding.

From Johnnie Walker to Oreos, Adidas to Mountain Dew, major brands have been collaborating with the HBO behemoth to sell Game of Thrones-themed products to fans.

The result is good exposure and additional sales for both parties.

3. Fostering Online Communication

One quick look at today’s trending topics will show that Game of Thrones is dominating social media.

As the finale gets closer, posts around expectations, predictions, and outcomes for the show are growing.

The result is a vast repository of content in which users can browse and create to celebrate the end of this popular show.

From fun GIFs to blog posts, Game of Thrones has fostered increased online communication for eights years and will continue to do so until the end.

When You Play The Game of Thrones…

From a marketing perspective, Game of Thrones has provided many opportunities. From large brand collaborations to free advertising, thee show has defined a generation.

As a result, fans have been gathering for years to share what they love (or hate) about this show.

As we say goodbye, its safe to assume that Thrones-themed marketing will continue to stick around.

Here’s to the future and what adventures are yet to come!

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