Facebook Digs Deeper Into Search

Paid search is continuing to expand into social media platforms.

Facebook has been experimenting with this feature for select advertisers and is now looking to expand their offerings.

Where Can You Find Search On Facebook?

The social media giant offers the ability to test search ads on its primary results page.

For example, select advertisers can select “Search Results” as an option that will allow their ads to be seen on the primary search results and Marketplace results page.

The ads would appear for search results or terms for a particular offerings such as retail and automotive.

Looking To Expand

After the results of the initial test, Facebook is looking to build on the momentum with additional offerings.

It has begun offering a paid search placement option to select advertisers.

Acting as a stand-alone placement option, Facebook search allows advertisers to reach additional users with relevant ad content.

Success Of Search On Facebook?

It’s unclear whether paid search will be successful long term on Facebook.

While the company is known for being innovative and trying new things, it is no synonymous with search advertising.

The fact that they are willing to expand their search offerings suggests that there is some success to be had.

Furthermore, the ability to advertisers to have further options to reach and engage with people helps strengthen Facebook’s portfolio and their ability to offer a wide range of ad inventory to their customers.

Blending Search With Social?

With Facebook continuing to expand, it begs the questions of what’s next in the world of search.

For instance, social media giants were originally know for paid social advertising. Which offered a variety of products and assets to their customers.

Now, search is starting to blend with social media (as in the case of Facebook) will other social media giants follow the lead?

Could we see even more paid search offerings on social media?


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