Instagram Releases New Explore Ads

Marketers now have the ability to place ads on Explore, Instagram’s Discovery platform.

What Is Instagram Explore?

Instagram’s Discovery platform helps users connect, explore, shop, etc. on the social media platform.

It displays hundreds of content pieces curated to a user’s particular interest.

instagram explore1

Based on user’s recent search history, the platform will automatically produce results and posts that are related or that the user might enjoy.

As a result, it is an effective tool for companies as they use Explore to introduce potential customers to their brand.

The Ads Are Coming!

As part of the next phase of Explore, Instagram is introducing ads to the discovery feed.

These ads will be accessible on the platform when a user selects a piece of content.

explore 2

The ad will appear as part of the user’s browsing experience as brands and companies expand their reach on Instagram.

The Pros – Advertisers

The pros, from an advertiser’s perspective, will allow brands to be positioned in the most culturally relevant spots on Instagram.

explore 3

Brands will have the ability to be where their customers are and tap into their current search interests.

New audience segments on Instagram will also allow advertisers to reach new markets and demographics.

The Pros – Users

From a user’s perspective, they will be able to control the amount of ads they see.

By adjusting device preferences and ad settings, users are able to restrict advertiser access to their feeds.

explore 4

As a result, reducing the amount of ads they are shown pertaining to products that do not interest them.

Increasing Brand Reach On Explore

Instagram presents a plethora of potential for marketers. The introduction of ads will allow advertisers to expand their brand reach as well as discover new audience segments.


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