Amazon Says Goodbye To Its Social Network Site

Released in 2017, Amazon is saying goodbye to it social media/shopping discovery platform, Amazon Spark.

What Is Amazon Spark?

To provide a bit of background, Spark was the company’s online platform where users could post pictures of the products they purchased on Amazon.

Amazon camera

Designed in the same vein as Instagram and Pinterest, Prime users could subscribe to different interest filters and share/view posts of other users displaying products that spoke to those interests.

Why It’s No Longer Available?

Unlike other social media sites, Spark did not have the same presence of mind for consumers.

Its possible that the pool of consumers using the feature was not sufficient as Spark was only available to Prime users.

The End Of The Social Shopping Experiment?

With Spark’s demise, does this mean Amazon’s out of the social shopping game?

Not necessarily.

While Spark may be gone, in its place the hashtag #FoundItOnAmazon allows users and influencers to share what they’ve recently bought from the online retailer on their social media accounts.

The old URL also redirects to your recently viewed items or recommendations provided by the platform.

Therefore, despite its closure, the company is looking to repurpose Spark’s assets into a more paired down version allowing users to still take advantage of some features.

Navigating the Social Space

With Spark gone, its interesting to think where the company will take their social media aspirations next.

With so many heavy hitters already in market, can the company effectively compete?

As it stands, Amazon does a lot things very well. As one of the largest online retailers, their presence and growth is incredible.

Whether they could or should carve a niche for themselves in the social space is up for debate.


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