Introducing 6s Twitter Ads

Twitter increases its advertising options with biddable 6 second video ad units.

Video As The Next Chapter

Twitter’s decision to invest more into video advertising stems from a variety of sources.

Primarily, the company saw increased growth and potential from their video revenue over the last quarter.

This has prompted a further discussion into video’s value and how Twitter can help advertisers reach their core markets.

6s Sees Success

Market research helped drive the decision for Twitter to begin offering biddable 6s ad units.

Studies have shown that these ad units drive better ad recall than traditional 1 minute or longer video ads.

Provided that the 6 second videos in questions have clear and memorable branding that consumers can retain for longer periods.

Making An Impact On Video Marketing

Its difficult to make an impact in the world of video marketing.

Once primarily used by video sites such as YouTube, other social media platforms have incorporated video advertising onto their platform.

As a result, the current market is highly saturated.

Analyzing Twitter’s Approach

Twitter’s decision to concentrate on a particular ad format may prove to be a smart move.

Going off of their previous quarter results, Twitter is looking to focus on what works best for their platform.

Known as the 120-character sound bite, having biddable short form video content is in line with Twitter’s overall approach to social media.

Moreover, the recent rollout of Twitter’s new desktop interface markets to users that Twitter is looking at reinvention and staying relevant to the social media landscape.

With the introduction of 6 second biddable video ad units, Twitter continues to build on what’s popular and what will translate best for advertisers and their customers.


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