Planning for 2018 – What to Include in Your Marketing Strategy

The New Year is in full swing and at the moment I am in 100% planning mode.  To me, January is a great month for planning out your goals and expectations for the new year.

Thinking like a marketer, one of my main tasks to start 2018 is to plan out my marketing strategy for both my day job as a marketing coordinator and for the proprietor of this blog.

Here is what I recommend you include in your 2018 marketing strategy:

1)     Social Media

At this point, most of you are probably using social media in your marketing strategies.  While not a new idea, I feel it’s important to mention social media because it’s powerful and prevalent, especially when managing your brand.

If you are starting your own business, you’ll be looking at which social media platforms will be most effective in bringing your brand to the public eye.

If you are already using social media, that doesn’t mean you can’t continue reaping the rewards.  Use 2018 as an opportunity to branch into new areas of social media:

  • Try targeted/promoted advertisements
  • Collaborate on content with other businesses and influencers
  • Get into social media analytics to track the success of your posts and content
  • Add to your social media portfolio with a new platform.

2)     Customer Service

I read a recent article in Forbes which discussed some of the upcoming marketing trends for 2018.  One trend in particular was putting an increased focus on customer service.   Particularly, marketers need to create engaging, timely, and personalized content that anticipates their customers’ needs and eventually makes them the go-to, industry source.

Always putting the customers first can help you become an industry leader. Your reputation and customer base can grow exponentially if word gets around that you are willing to go above and beyond for your customers and provide them with content they didn’t even know they wanted.

Listen to your audience in 2018. Use your marketing strategy to implement procedures that allow insight into your audience’s mindset.  Techniques such as monitoring keyword data and studying industry news and social media conversations goes a long way towards figuring out what your audience wants and how you can give it to them.

3)     Unorthodox Storytelling

I think it’s safe to say that there is a lot of content available on the Internet. A cornerstone of marketing has always been to be unique and to stand out.  Unfortunately, with so much competition, this is not an easy task.

While we can’t prevent content overload, we can work within it using unorthodox storytelling. When drafting your 2018 strategy, consider making some changes to your content.  Give the standard, template-style articles and content a rest and start thinking outside of the box.  If everyone is offering a solution to the same problem, try challenging the problem.

When it comes to marketing in the digital age, our ability to be creative is needed now more than ever.


2018 promises to be a year of new challenges and possibilities.  Ensure you start off on the path to success by planning out your marketing strategy to help build and maintain your success!


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